21st October 2019


  • The ‘application’ or ‘app’ refers to the Resus App software and code. 

  • The ‘developer’, ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ refers to OURMESH LTD (‘OurMesh’).

  • The ‘user’ is any anyone using the application. The ‘user’ also refers to the owner of the device the application is running on. The user may refer to a company or organisation. 


By using the Resus App the user agrees to these terms and conditions (‘terms’). They also agree with OurMesh’s privacy policy. If the user does not agree to any of these terms or policies they will not use the app. These terms exist to protect both users and patients. OurMesh reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

Usage Terms & Conditions

  1. The user’s responsibilities as a clinician and medical professional are paramount and trump all responsibilities of them as a user of this application. 

  2. This application will only be installed and used on devices that are: secured with passcodes; have up to date operating software and are not ‘jailbroken’.

  3. The application is designed to be used in healthcare settings by clinicians trained and experienced in managing the clinical scenarios and patients where the application is used. 

  4. The user agrees to trial the application in a non-clinical and safe environment in order to familiarise themselves with its features and functions before using it in clinical environments. 

  5. The application will only be used when it does not serve as a distraction to patient management, monitoring and treatment. 

  6. The purpose of the application is to assist in accurate documentation, but not guide management. This application does not replace, supplement or provide medical knowledge or experience. 

  7. Ultimate clinical and administrative responsibility lies with the user, who should be prepared for the application to fail, in whole or in part, at any time – whether this be through software or hardware errors. 

  8. The user agrees that OurMesh is not responsible for any loss of data at any time. 

  9. If the application at any time does not comply with the user’s local or national guidelines, clinical knowledge or practice they agree not to use the application. 

  10. The user agrees to use the application in a manner which is compliant with their local and national confidentiality policies, technology policies and information governance policies. 

  11. The user agrees to comply with the most up to date policies and guidelines available to them. Should these not be congruent with usage of the application or its features they agree not to use the app. 

  12. The user agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure that any information generated by the app is shared securely and appropriately, such as over encrypted networks and email. 

  13. The application contains information relating to drugs, their administration and dosages. This information is purely demonstrative and entirely editable. The user agrees to amend these built-in options as appropriate to ensure adequate documentation. The user also agrees that these pre-programmed values and options do not suggest management and will not infer guidance from them. The user agrees that these built-in values may not be up to date or correct. 

  14. The user agrees to always use their own clinical knowledge and judgement. 

  15. The user agrees to treat each case and patient as an individual and not be guided by the application, but by their own policies, legislation, protocols and guidance.

  16. The user agrees to maintain patient confidentiality through only using appropriate identifiers in line with their local policies and legislation. 

  17. OurMesh accepts no responsibility for any claims that arise from the use of this application. 

  18. The use of and decision to use this application is the user’s decision and responsibility. 

  19. The user uses this application at their own risk and at their own discretion.

  20. The user agrees to stop using the application and to contact OurMesh ( as soon as they identify any bug or error with the application.